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A Local History Lesson

To be honest, I don’t know much about Annie Oakley but around here she’s a local legend. Annie Oakley was born near Greenville, Ohio and is best known for her sharpshooting skills. With these skills she acquired nicknames such as The Peerless Lady Wing-Shot, The Rifle Queen and Little Sure Shot. She even traveled across the country as one of the stars in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Shows.

So, how did I learn all this? Wikipedia, of course. It was a 50th Anniversary design contest for The Annie Oakley Festival that initiated the research. The design above is reminiscent of the Buffalo Bill posters from the late 1800s with a focus placed on Annie Oakley herself. This design is now a finalist to represent the 50th Anniversary festival. On May, 8th I’ll have the opportunity to present the design before the festival committee for a vote along with two other designers. Not sure what to expect but, I’ll follow up and post some news on how it goes.

May 10, 2013 – Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner! This just announced: our design is the contest winner for the 50th Anniversary of the Annie Oakley Festival.