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Print Advertising that’s Interactive

Came across these Adidas ads today – very simple print ad, but very clever interaction. Enjoy.

Adidas Ad

Adidas Ad


4 Paws for 2 Brothers

The 4 Paws for 2 Brothers design is over a year old but recently had a big payoff.

4 Paws for 2 Brothers GraphicThe Swafford family has two adopted boys who were in need of an ADHD/FASD Service Dog. I was blessed with the opportunity to help support the boys with the design above. The 5k was a success. Friends, local businesses and the community all rallied to support the Swaffords in countless ways. The family was even featured on local television talking about service dogs. Finally, on May 6, 2013 all the hard work and waiting paid off – Kalib and Brandon met their new bud Twingo for the first time. So, how’d it work out? See below:

Swafford Family“So far, we have seen Twingo stop or shorten meltdowns, soothe an upset kid post boo-boo, snuggle, hog the bed, steal a pancake and our heart’s!! We are totally smitten!”

We’re so happy for the Swafford family and their newest addition, Twingo. In fact, our family is starting down the path to acquire a service dog for our adopted daughter who has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS (a disorder within the autism spectrum).

To find out more information on the Swafford’s service dog provider, visit 4 Paws for Ability.