A Little Thing Called Crossfit


Maybe you’ve heard of it – Crossfit. To some, it’s a grueling varied workout that is completely exhausting yet, at the same time, rewarding and leaves the athlete wanting more. To others, it’s an insane cult-like group that speaks a foreign language (WOD, TABATA or AMRAP). Either way, it’s a phenomenon that has swept the nation the last several years and even hosts an international event, The Crossfit Games, to determine the fittest people on earth.

FitQuest LogoCrossfit has become a common place term in our house as well. Taking part in Crossfit helps make sure I don’t completely deteriorate sitting at a computer screen all day sandwiched between 3 hours of driving in the car. Which is why I was excited to help out our good friends with their growing Crossfit business, FitQuest. FitQuest delivers innovative and efficient solutions to modular gym set-ups (basically, they build equipment for Crossfit gyms – or boxes – as Crossfitters call them). And, even more recently, have begun a small gym of their own in Covington, Ohio utilizing FitQuest equipment. Keep an eye out for FitQuest, as the company continues to grow and have success you may see more of them in the Crossfit community.

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