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Typography – More than Just Words.

Check out this great use of typography with a pop-culture reference you may recognize.

H-57-posters-Yoda H-57-posters-Stormtrooper H-57-posters-Vader

For more information on this project, visit H-57.

2014 Design Trends

No. 2 & 3 on the list – yes. No. 8 on the list – can’t wait.

Infographic: 2014 visual trends, November 2013

First Impressions Matter

“People make snap judgements. It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person, and websites are no different. It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.”*

Are you making a good first impression? I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with two men on a Web project geared to make a good first impression. Both men understand the importance of aesthetic and providing beautiful composition and design when it comes to making first impressions count. Jim Bauman is an award-winning architectural designer with an impressive portfolio of commercial and residential work. Don Angle is establishing himself as a great compositional photographer who adds personality and witty interaction to every project. The result of this collaboration is www.jimbaumandesign.com, an extensive online design portfolio from the work of Jim Bauman uniquely captured through the photography of Don Angle.

Jim Bauman Design Website

So, are you making a good first impression? If you’re unsure and want to explore options to improve your first impression through brand development, advertising, website or social media, contact us today.

*To explore more statistics that highlight the importance of first impressions, visit Conversion XL’s blog post.

Creative Advertising

I’ve always liked super heros but I think I’ll stick with a full beard.

Braun Batman Ad


Braun Superman Ad


Braun Spiderman Ad

Mr. Creative

The Ohio State Fair ended two weeks ago and the Miami County Fair is coming to a close. So, how did things go for the wooden gum ball machine 4H woodworking project? Take a look for yourself. Here’s Mr. Creative with his 4H projects.

Bennett 4H Projects

Bennett received outstanding project awards in both art and woodworking and was selected to be a representative at the Ohio State Fair for woodworking with his wooden gum ball machine. I had better step it up or I might be out of a job soon.

Wooden Gum Ball Machine?

Wooden Gum Ball Machine

Who is the most creative at Welborn creative? Bennett could say he deserves the top spot. Check out this wooden gum ball machine he built for his 4H woodworking project. He might be right.

Woodworking Project

A Little Thing Called Crossfit


Maybe you’ve heard of it – Crossfit. To some, it’s a grueling varied workout that is completely exhausting yet, at the same time, rewarding and leaves the athlete wanting more. To others, it’s an insane cult-like group that speaks a foreign language (WOD, TABATA or AMRAP). Either way, it’s a phenomenon that has swept the nation the last several years and even hosts an international event, The Crossfit Games, to determine the fittest people on earth.

FitQuest LogoCrossfit has become a common place term in our house as well. Taking part in Crossfit helps make sure I don’t completely deteriorate sitting at a computer screen all day sandwiched between 3 hours of driving in the car. Which is why I was excited to help out our good friends with their growing Crossfit business, FitQuest. FitQuest delivers innovative and efficient solutions to modular gym set-ups (basically, they build equipment for Crossfit gyms – or boxes – as Crossfitters call them). And, even more recently, have begun a small gym of their own in Covington, Ohio utilizing FitQuest equipment. Keep an eye out for FitQuest, as the company continues to grow and have success you may see more of them in the Crossfit community.

Happy Father’s Day

Familyman Service Garage

It’s only a couple days away – a day to recognize fathers. The American culture’s portrait of a father, at least according to the media and Hallmark: an apathetic man, more interested in watching sports from his La-Z-Boy while completely disengaged from his wife and children and too ignorant or stupid to take on any significant responsibility. So, this is what we celebrate?

What about the man who completely gives himself up for his wife and children (Ephesians 5)? The man who tirelessly and humbly serves his family, their needs and their best interest is the one who is most celebrated by his wife and children. The responsibility of fatherhood, denying self and becoming a servant is not easy. If it were, more men would give up themselves because, in the end, the rewards are greater. Need some encouragement to battle through, deny yourself and take up the responsibility of being a good father? Visit Familyman Ministries for some encouragement this Father’s Day. Want to inspire a father in your life? These shirt designs are also available at www.familymanweb.com.

Familyman Shirts

From Concept to Reality

Montgomery Tree SurgeryThe Montgomery Tree Surgery brand is taking shape. We’ve seen it on everything from trucks to baseball jerseys. Keep an eye out for it, you never know where it might show up. In the meantime, check out the new case study highlighting the work done for MTS.