Case Studies

Association of Christian Librarians (ACL)

Association of Christian Librarians Brand LogoThe mission of the Association of Christian Librarians is to strengthen libraries through professional development of evangelical librarians, scholarship, and spiritual encouragement for service in higher education. How do you summarize this in a single brand mark? The thought behind the brand mark may be more complex than first glance would suggest. The foundation of the design is a traditional bookplate (a small print or decorative label pasted into a book, often on the inside front cover, to indicate its owner) which is accentuated by the inclusion of the “ex libris” dating back to the 1700th century. The graphic itself incorporates the ACL foundation of faith through the cross hidden in the shadow. The literary based work of the ACL is demonstrated by the traditional books on the bookcase and shows the transition to newer digital mediums by including the open book on the desk with the computer. Once the brand mark was established, a color pallette was added and the brand was then implemented across all the ACL marketing materials. The images below illustrate how the integrity of the brand remains intact across multiple touch points. For more information about the Association of Christian Librarians, visit the ACL website.

Agil IT (pronounced: agility)

Agilit_BrandAgil IT specializes in healthcare information technology, understanding the medical field’s imperative to change, and the challenge inherent in transformation. Brand development for Agil IT was a transformation in its own right. After adopting the Agil IT name, the company began to grow quickly which required an updated brand. The Agil IT brand mark typeset is straightforward as the serif font, the blue and the green were carry overs from the initial brand. It’s in the iconic brand mark that the insights into brand development begin to open up. The serif “T” with the dot above (which implies an “I”) demonstrate the speciality of Agil IT – information technology, or IT. But, the icon also introduces another carry over from the initial brand, the “Agile IT Man”. The personified figure is abstract but can been seen hidden in the serif “T” (body with arms outstretched) and dot (head). The company has had to remain agile as rapid company growth (named among Fortune 500 fastest growing businesses) and a changing market demands agility. These changes have lead to the creation of a partner company, Elevation. To see how the Agil IT and Elevation brands compliment each other, view the images below. For more information about the Agil IT, visit the Agil IT website.

Montgomery Tree Surgery, LLC (MTS)

Montgomery Tree SurgeryMontgomery Tree Surgery is a fourth generation tree care service operating in the Dayton Region. Known for knowledgable certified arborist, top-quality work and integrity in business, Montgomery Tree Surgery is a recognized name among local residents and businesses. MTS was also known for the big Paul Bunyan lumberjack on the side of their red trucks. So, how does one update a several decade old brand that already has a style and character all it’s own? Our goal was to capitalize on the brand and accentuate the positive elements. The larger, stronger Paul Bunyan character is now more stylized to represent the Montgomery family. Features from anyone of the Montgomery men can be seen in the graphic. The MTS name is more organized and cohesive while reflecting the slight curve from the original. Clients of MTS are able to quickly recognize the new brand and associate it with the same quality work they have received for the last 80 years. View the gallery below for before and after images of the brand and to see it in use today.